All and some by No Spinoza

An album of electrically-charged old English melodies.

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1. Chanticleer
2. Green grow’th the holly
3. All and some
4. John Cabot, thought to be lost at sea
5. A new dial
6. Saint Stephen
7. The carnal and the crane
8. Ribblesdale
9. My dancing day

Click here for a few introductory notes. All songs traditional, except 4 and 8 written by Thomas Pearson. All arrangements, performance, recording, mixing and production by Thomas Pearson, except acoustic drums on 1 and 5 by John Colgan.

Field recordings taken in Ribblesdale, North Yorkshire, except waves and thunder by Mike Koenig and singing robin from BBC Radio 4. Mastering by David Blackman at Hiltongrove, Gallows Green, Essex.
© & ℗ 2016 Thomas Pearson